Wednesday, January 9, 2013

working environment

it has been a long time im not viewing my "eegsaredelicious"...hurmm....on 3/1/2013, formally i have been working at my partners for 3 months. many people i met, many types of different characters i found....the question here is, how do you face all this? now i know what is the challengers being in the workplace....(long sigh...)

everyday facing the same with the different environment everyday....its a tough thing to do actually!! because it has to be face everyday! oh my...i wish i could fly to some where else...huu

now feels like gonna have headache everyday....i need to learn how to handle to handle different characteristics! yess!! thats it...because im not the 1 that like to mix with crowd and many types of person with different characteristics..especially the 1 with the weird act!! ughh... this 1 that give me the headache...

naahh.ade keije pulak...haih..later!

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